Welcome to Graffiti, Inc.

We offer our clients a wide range of distinctive, durable materials, unmatched technical expertise and a willingness to chart new courses in sign design and construction.  At Graffiti, Inc., no job is too large, too complex or too challenging.

We’ve got the resources to meet all your specifications: interior and exterior, two and three-dimensional – even those requiring special computer processes or hand-held brush work.

We can reproduce your logos and corporate images to exacting standards and we can create mural and graphic displays  - of any size, on any surface.  Whether you’re starting with a rough concept or an exact design, we will work with you to determine the materials and techniques that best suit your particular needs.

Graffiti, Inc. is a leader in the innovative use of materials – from traditional woods, marble and stone, to the imaginative application of metals, textures and coatings . . . all with a quality you can count on.

From custom hand-painted designs to large production runs, we are capable of meeting the requirements of any job, on time and on budget.

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